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Length is dependent on well capacity and scaled accordingly.

Learn More About Our Downhole Gas Separator

The Xtreme GasX downhole gas separator is an innovative patented design for 4 1/2" and up production casing and volumes up to 900 BFPD.

The downhole gas separator utilizes multistage concentric baffling, engineered to change the velocity profile of the production fluid breaking out the entrained gas before it enters the pump.

  • Gas will vent through the tool when the standing valve is closed.

The downhole gas separator utilizes a top draw intake that will decrease the initial amount of gas drawn into the system

  • By taking advantage of the natural acceleration of the gas towards surface.

  • By the separator laying on the low side of the hole.

  • The sleeve is mule shoed for easy tripping.

Secondary media is used for further gas separation dependent upon downhole conditions.​

Decrease lifting costs.

Increase production and pump run times.

Decrease gas interference thus increasing pump efficiently.

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